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Shipping & Delivery2021-02-08T22:17:31+00:00
Where do you deliver to?2021-02-08T22:17:16+00:00

We deliver to the island of Montreal & Laval. If you’re outside of this area, please contact

When do i need to place my order by?2021-02-08T22:17:17+00:00

All orders need to be received by 8am on Friday to receive your delivery that Sunday. Our orders are delivered directly to your door by one of our delivery drivers. 

What if I’m not home on Sunday?2021-02-08T22:17:17+00:00

We will be contacting you that Sunday to give you a heads up when we will be arriving. If you 

If you are not home to receive your delivery then the delivery driver will leave the package in a safe spot at the address you provide us with.

Can I change my delivery address after my order is submitted?2021-02-08T22:17:17+00:00

Yes you will need to contact our support team directly at We will require a 24 hour advance notice to make the changes in our delivery routes.

What are your delivery/shipping fees?2021-02-08T22:17:17+00:00

Orders over $50 have no delivery fee. Orders below $50 are subject to a $10 delivery fee.

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