Good Food delivered straight to your front door

Not everyone is interested in cooking. In fact, for many busy Montreal residents, the time it takes to shop means there’s no time left to cook! In addition, many of us just don’t have the tools or the expertise to create the food we really prefer to eat. Let’s not even get started on the cleaning!

Golden Goods, a new meals & goods delivery service gathers the very best prepared foods from services in the Montreal area and delivers it to your home on Sundays for you to enjoy throughout the week. Don’t have time to prepare that lunch for work in the morning? Grab one of our pre-made meals and you’re good to go. Save time, energy and money.

Best of all, there’s no delivery fee on orders over $50! Because we allow you to select foods from a variety of providers, your meal prep delivery can include a large assortment of food from our top hand picked vendors.  We have gathered multiple providers under one roof, giving you the ability to order everything you need easily from one spot.

Sit back and relax


Choose Your Favorite

Add your favorite meals & goods from our multiple vendors to your cart & checkout before Friday morning.


We Deliver Your Meals

We prepare your delivery and deliver it straight to your door the following Sunday.


Eat and Enjoy

No shopping, no cooking  and no cleaning. Enjoy your meals with your family.