In all aspects of life, success comes down to making smart choices. People are constantly struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Returning home after a long, tire someday, to find that there’s no food in the fridge.

Scary and frustrating, isn’t it?

How about a meal delivery service that can solve all your problems in a day!

Golden Goods is one the best Meal Delivery Services in Montreal that offers the best meals and goods from top restaurants, bakeries, and meal prep services that Montreal has to offer.

Food Delivery in Montreal just got better as we specialize in delivering not just tasty but healthy meals at your door. We have a wide food palette that covers the preference of your family members!

What can you find in our catalog?

  1. Healthy Meals
  2. Sandwiches & Wraps
  3. Frozen Food items
  4. Vegetarian items
  5. Bakery
  6. Drinks & Beverages
  7. Soups
  8. Snacks

We understand that not everyone is a master chef! Many people run out of time for Meal Prep in West Island. At Golden Goods, we gather the very best food items from reputed services in the Montreal area and get them delivered to your home at convenient hours.

Let’s take you through the process:

  1. Choose your favorite meal and add it to the cart before Friday morning
  2. Get your food delivered to the doorstep the following Sunday
  3. Relax and Dig in! We get the Best Meal Prep on West Island.
  4. There is no delivery charge on orders above $50!

Reasons why we take great pride in being the best West Island Food Delivery service.

  1. Healthy Eating

Our sedentary lifestyle makes it increasingly important to intake healthy meals.

Find a meal from our catalog that suits your needs. It will be easier for you, as we provide food from the best stores around.

  1. Convenient

When working under a tight schedule, ordering from our service will save you a great deal of time and of course frustration. Moreover, we do not compromise on quality.

Let us know the meal you want and when you want, we’ll get it delivered safely!

  1. Save some money

A common misconception is that delivering food online is expensive. Imagine visiting a store and picking up unnecessary items that you’ll never use. Next, you’ll save money on groceries!

With us, you can easily acquire high-quality fresh foods at the best price.

  1. Track your fitness

It is tough to stick to a restrictive meal plan. But if you could choose meals that come in controlled sizes?

Yes. At Golden Goods, we respect the cravings and give it a healthy label by offering food in specific sizes.

  1. No stress

With our ready-to-eat meals, there is no chance of stress kicking in. You can store them for the week ahead and plan out some fun activities with your family or friends!